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Good Question.

But you can't judge China by western standards. They planned to use the bubble to establish manufacturing facilities, and only later to gradually move to european performance standards. But it's a completely different economic system, in which they've achieved their first goals. (and it was planned that way, as i work with some of the people who advised them, and gave trainings for leaders.)

It doesn't matter to them that the turbines are not producing to usual standards. (That was also part of the equation.) But now they're already moving to achieve the next goal, which could happen in 3-5 years. And for at least one company, is almost there.

The plan was to build a manufacturing base. Which the ultimate winners would take over. (If the concrete is poured correctly, and the in facility cranes carry the right tonnage, then it doesn't matter which turbine the facility is building.) This they've done.

To speak of China is a separate diary.

What Ireland is beginning to want to accomplish is genau Richtig, if they do it right. If they can make people comfortable with machines in the hills.

They will not have for offshore the same level of port facilities as the UK or "Schland." But they don't need them.

The main point is to use the renewable resources where they exist, and build a grid which is designed to achieve those goals. So Ireland has a surplus to export. Build a fookin' interconnect, done.

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by Crazy Horse on Wed Jun 22nd, 2011 at 05:43:05 PM EST
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