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It happened last week, so I wasn't just cherry-picking an example. But a bit of research turns up that there might be a specific reason for it to have happened in China. According to a Shanghai paper
Subway Station Escalators Speed Up, Disorderly Passengers Cause Frequent Accidents

Inside sources revealed that certain stations on the new "Three Lines and Two Extensions" opened at the end of last year raised the speed of their escalators within the allowed limits to 0.65 meters per second, 0.15 meters per second faster than standard escalators. Subway passengers should be orderly in boarding the escalator to avoid accidents when riding the different speeds of escalators that now exist at different stations.

I've no idea whether this is the station that had the accident and the reference to speed reminded me of the fast escalators in St. Petersburg (it turns out that there was a much worst accident on a Moscow escalator in 1982, but I've no idea if speed was a factor).
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