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I don't just find this biased against renewables and in favour of nuclear, I find the points made are neither new nor accurate. And, at the moment, it would seem we're hearing rather a chorus of them. In my view, Ramsay is disingenuous when he pretends to give objective information to the electorate, and is in fact offering talking points in a one-sided discourse.

Not merely a chorus, but an orchestrated chorus.

As in any industry, including wind, public relations is a part of the game. Talking points memos are discussed and circulated. Additionally, and more importantly, backroom lobbying tactics are discussed, evaluated and tried.

In the context of the worst nuclear disaster to hit the industry yet (limiting that "worst" to power plant accidents), Frau Merkel has thrown a huge spanner in the works. (By going back to the policy already in place from the previous government.)

This action has hit the global industry hard, as evidenced by Obama's comments to Frau Merkel. Especially as she now says she's changed her "personal" views as well. (Perhaps her nuclear studies puts her in position to understand that Japan is really fucked.)

So what does the CEO of RWE say in response. "Eco-dictatorship."

When quite intelligent people believe that a "running nuclear plant" has no carbon footprint, the debate is already skewed.

When an industry (IEA) shill who happens now to be Ambassador to Germany takes the country to task using falsification, obfuscation and omission, and even fucks up the few facts presented, it would seem that calling it propaganda is actually pretty mild.

You see, a former IEA executive has read all manner of studies and commentaries on energy issues, over a prolonged period, including from the opposition. He's listened to endless discussion from diverse experts. He knows his arguments, knows them well, and has chosen to spread propaganda through his power position.

Actually, perhaps i should say he's a professional liar. Would that be clearer?

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by Crazy Horse on Fri Jun 10th, 2011 at 02:53:19 PM EST
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