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Could one man plan and execute all of this alone?

Yes, if he had an IQ above room temperature. On the Celcius scale. I'll bet that I can come up with three ways to assassinate the Danish queen within ten minutes, if you don't care about getting caught. It's our good fortune that most assassins aren't very bright, but this one seems to have been the exception.

Is there any information on investigations among Norway's extreme right?

At this stage you don't get anything but blather. The real police hasn't gotten into gear yet, so all you'll get is political posturing and photo ops. That isn't a criticism of the real police, by the way - murders don't get any worse with time, so being thorough is better than being fast.

If the suspect was indeed as Chris Cook says, "a prominent member of the Fremskritt party's youth movement", doesn't this create a PR problem for the party - to say the least?

No. They have plausible deniability.

What are they saying for themselves?

I haven't checked, but if they play by the usual right-wing assassination playbook, they'll invoke plausible deniability, claim that he was an isolated individual who acted without their knowledge or consent, and that a party can't be held responsible for the actions of individuals who happen to be members - they can't run a thorough background check on every new applicant, after all.

Were there no police officers in the island? I mean, shouldn't there be?

Why should there be? It was a political party holding a summer camp, and there had been no threats made that we know of.

Is there some really dark side of Norwegian society that is surfacing here?

Yes. Scandinavia has a long-standing problem with violent right-wing direct action.

Recently, I always connect Norway with its uniquely violent, and sometimes murderous (not to mention racist/fascist on occasion), Black Metal scene, especially of 10-20 years ago...

I don't see any credible connection between the '90s black metal and right-wing direct action groups. Right-wing direct action groups tend to be associated with hooligans - at least that's the British and Spanish experience.

Yet this is still one of the more equal societies in Europe, no?


The left of SD in Norway is in decline, and it is a part of the ruling coalition. Are there two facts correlated?

Yes, but whether the causality goes from being in government to reduced militancy or from reduced militancy making it more acceptable as a party of government is not completely clear to me.

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