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Taking a more global human view, it seems the way to prevent this kind of fiercely focused nuttiness is to inoculate kids with skepticism very early on. Not tolerance, but the ability to recognize nuttiness and faith-based thinking.

Of course, if you've any experience with kids of formative ages, it's very difficult to teach them skepticism, because they are designed to be gullible, as Richard Dawkins puts it, so they can learn quickly from their culture/parents.

This leads us to the conundrum of slow, skeptical learners versus ideologically infected fast learners. Does this mean that cool, thoughtful skeptics will always lose the evolutionary race? Will it always be crabs-in-a-bucket like it is now with a world of scrabbling nationalities/ethnicities/cultures with no ability to define what's best for humanity in general?

Multiculturalism and blind acceptance of intolerance is suicide, eh?

Align culture with our nature. Ot else!

by ormondotvos (ormond.otvosnospamgmialcon) on Sun Jul 24th, 2011 at 04:07:26 PM EST

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