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any crackdown is going to be criticised by business interests and their friendly press as illiberal and a danger to democracy

Given the shocking scale and horrifying circumstances, I think they'd have a hard time selling that line. Supposing "business interests" to be somehow favourable to leaving nutters of this kind free to commit mass murder.

Though there's some fancy footwork needed from those who at first lined up spontaneously with the stock analysis:

Why did the Norweigan attacks? - CBS News

(CBS News) 

The explosion in Norway's capital Oslo and a shooting on the island of Utoya that have left a total of at least 16 dead is puzzling because Norway is considered a peaceful country. It had prompted this question: "Why target Norway?" CBS News correspondent Bob Orr explains:

"Believe it or not, Norway has been on al Qaeda's hit list for agent about eight years now. Leader Ayman al-Zawahiri back in 2003 warned Norway would be targeting for supporting the U.S. War in Afghanistan. After a Norwegian newspaper reprinted cartoons of the prophet Mohammed in 2006, once again al Qaeda called for revenge.

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