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I do remember our debates about Ireland. I pointed out that Ireland is a failed neoliberal utopia and that it's low tax - tax haven - no regulation model failed. And that Fine gael and Fianna fail are six and half a dozen. And that regarding the corporation tax rate., Ireland started the race to the bottom.

All I got back were assurances that I threaten the "sovereignity"of Ireland, probably in the pay of hedge-funds, that Fine Gael is just groovy, that nothing was rotten in Ireland prior to autumn 2010, tacky references to a "fourth reich" and so on.

You especially did see no problem in Ireland at all that couldn't be solved with a default, but only on foreign creditors. Taxes could and should never rise and nothing should be changed at all. All problems of Ireland originated in same far away country, preferably Germany. Basically you proposed that the Irish welfare state could be kept compatible with low taxes eternally by subventions from other EU countries. Why poorer EU countries should subsidy rich Ireland, you never explained. And yes, Spain, Portugal and Greece are a lot richer then eastern europe too.  

by IM on Sun Aug 14th, 2011 at 07:56:37 AM EST
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