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tacky references to a "fourth reich" and so on.

See above regarding references and scurrilous accusations. This particular one should not require any great skill at Google-fu to find, if it actually transpired.

Three references to 'Fourth Reich' in the past year:

(1) This comment by melo, about Croatia's greenlighting for EU membership.

(2) An extract from the Financial Times' Quentin Peel, quoting a French official:

FT.com / Comment (Quentin Peel)/ Analysis - Germany: A test of strength

"The first law about Germany is that they are always wrong, like the Americans are for the French," says Gérard Errera, former secretary-general of the French foreign ministry. "If they are assertive, they are accused of building the Fourth Reich. If they are against war in Libya, they are useless."

(3) Whispers From a Dark Past - diary by Geezer; actually, it's a comment by Helen:


But no in that they do not want a fourth reich. Do german bankers want to run the continent ? Of course, but all bankers want to be in control. The guys in the Bank of England and the French equivalent are probably grinding their teeth in jealousy that they can't set the rules for the impoverishment and plundering of europe.

In conclusion, what has been written and quoted on ET: Germany does not want a fourth Reich (but Croatia might), German bankers want to be in charge like all bankers want to (and French and British bankers are jealous as hell), and German foreign policy is always subjected to "damned if you don't and dammned if you do".

by Bernard on Sun Aug 14th, 2011 at 09:39:48 AM EST
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Whispers is great satory, but yerv bigoted in its conclusions.
by IM on Sun Aug 14th, 2011 at 01:23:21 PM EST
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