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as far removed from the conscious layer as human consciousness is removed from neural activity
how far is that? in mm? or is 'far' metaphorical? who or what presupposes any distance between our consciousness and neural activity, can they not be coterminous, even fused?
Who said "presupposes"? And, yes, "far" is metaphorical as in "the fundamental processes of human thought are inaccessible to consciousness"
philosophers have made certain fundamental assumptions--that we can know our own minds by introspection, that most of our thinking about the world is literal, and that reason is disembodied and universal--that are now called into question by well-established results of cognitive science. It has been shown empirically that:Most thought is unconscious. We have no direct conscious access to the mechanisms of thought and language. Our ideas go by too quickly and at too deep a level for us to observe them in any simple way.Abstract concepts are mostly metaphorical.

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