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The fly in the ointment is the role that emotion forms in all of our mental processes. The eat or flee response is very close to the base of all animal intelligence and emotional responses are the basis for judging almost all things. We have developed methods for suspending judgement and we can attempt to account for emotion in our decisions, but it is very tricky. In order to create an AI that truly resembles that of a human it may be necessary for the development process to functionally recapitulate the evolutionary sequence of human beings.

The problem this poses is amplified by the active disrespect so many give to the role of emotions in our lives. Even the suggestion that a truly human AI would have to have the equivalent of human emotions would/will likely be received with disdain by many of those best able to conceive of the necessary programming. I would like to see special purpose AI utilized much more extensively in known critical areas of human endeavor, such as medical diagnostics, which is so often a disaster when performed by humans.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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