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Or it may need alternative kinds of (quantum?) logic we're not using yet.

interesting diary... trying to design an artificial brain modelled on the human may well be impossible, but we are able to simulate some brain functions, and that fact makes some think if we extend our computer knowledge we could progress to eventually mimicking the whole shebang.

i do fail to see the point, really, though IT is very cool, humans are still w-a-y ahead in terms of our ability to emote, intuit, imagine, and these functions are far harder to crack than number crunching, boolean search, image manipulation, trajectory calculus for space exploration, med tech and such, which are bloody handy.

i respect human curiosity enormously, and fully expect research to bust its arse continuing on this trail, but ultimately though we'll continue to learn a lot spinoff-wise from it, i think we'll eventually give it up, as we already know how to make humans :) with young minds and good ed we can fashion mentalities, for good or ill, but the full spectrum of human brain functions, i think your friend is right, ormondotvos.

computers will be able to do a lot, more than we can imagine right now, so i'll keep an open mind and follow the research with interest, but the goal is specious, imo.

plus it has some psych implications that make me wonder if much of the motivation is not an effort to escape who we are, rather than dive deeper into 'it'.  savantism reveals to us how few people can fathom the deepest processing functions in their own bodyminds, where i think the real jewel we seek lies. computing can reflect, re-iterate and express our humanity, but never supplant it or be its true source. we are becoming semi-adjunctive to the little buggers already i know, but in the final analysis, i think there are parts of us that are way too unique to ever clone, reality (probably with much help from IT) will show us, that no matter how evolved computing becomes, we will ever remain its cerebral gestators, rather than vice-versa.

we might be able to implant new prosthetic eyes, ears, maybe even calculators (!), and i definitely see computer-human interfacing continuing apace, but we are so much more than what a mere machine, no matter how magical can be. it is showing us how we are whole systems embedded in larger whole systems, though, so i do love 'em!

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by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Fri Aug 26th, 2011 at 08:44:41 AM EST
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