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It was after I read Damasio, Sapolsky, and et. al. that I came to realize just how much our emotions (Limbic system, mesolimbic pathways, etc.) underlie our cognitive processing.  To the extent that if our emotions are neurologically unable to function properly we simultaneously lose our executive decision making.  

This realization made me understand attempting to build a "truly" human intelligence isn't worth the effort. A "truly" human intelligence would be subject to developing psychological, neurological, emotional, and cognitive dysfunctions human express and if it doesn't it's not a "truly" human intelligence.



Which makes TBG's contention, which I share, we should drop the "AI" thing, as such, in order to be working on building a "General Modeling Machine."

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by ATinNM on Sun Aug 28th, 2011 at 02:42:44 PM EST
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