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You don't understand the simplest things. Superior, m<y god. <br> Look: "he people who claimed that this was a debt problem and (implicitly or explicitly) that the ECBuBa would not thrown France under the bus were wrong."

Let's ignore your obsession with a defunct central bank for a moment. Henkel is not "them". He hasn't mattered since the last century. He is an entertainer, a talk show habitue. Whoever "they" are in you imagination, Henkel is really not a part of it.

Or did conclude that corporate america wanted to annex the libyan oil when Donald Trump propoes that? Henkel is the Trump of german business. Nothing more.

And crowing we were right all along and that gives us a right to use nazi metaphors by the barrel based on the ramblings of a clapped out has been is quite premature.

by IM on Wed Sep 7th, 2011 at 07:31:15 AM EST
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