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Don't you see the problem? oppose Rick Perry, he is one og this crazy texans like Bush. Fine. But that keeps you pretty helpless against Mitt Romney, very much not a Texan. The more thoughtful american progressives are against this kind of rhetoric, Texas this and the south that. Rightly. Right-wingers are all over the US and most of the leaders actually dwell in  New York or DC.

So your opinion - it is all right to blame " Germany" for everything, it will hit some of the right people -  is quite self-destructive. It lets right-wingers in the rest of the EU of the hook. That is enabling one of the oldest right-wing tactics, to blame everything on outsiders (bicoastal eleites, new York, Hollywood)  

by IM on Wed Sep 7th, 2011 at 06:24:12 PM EST
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