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Nobody here is engaging in nationalist attacks on "Germany", a "foreign country". Or if they are, they are doing so from about nine distinct national chauvinist positions, which would be quite extraordinary. We are all convinced European federalists here (any dissenters will be taken outside and shot...)

Would it help if we only criticized bloody-minded austerian policies by quoting German sources?

Eurointelligence Daily Briefing, 7 de Setembro de 2011. Enviado por Domenico Mario Nuti. - aviagemdosargonautas

Writing an Op-ed in mass circulation daily Bild FDP's honorary chairman Hans-Dietrich Genscher launches an emotional appeal to the Angela Merkel's coalition to vote for the German law enhancing the EFSF. "Whenever Europe was confronted with a crisis in the past the answer was: with more Europe out of the crisis", the former foreign minister writes. Confronting the eurosceptics whom Genscher calls the "paymaster-agitators" he writes: "As Europeans we have been able to reach a so far unknown wealth in a common internal market with a stable currency", he goes on. He reminds them that because of Europe, Western Europeans were able to overcome the cold war divisions and invite in the Eastern neighbours. "All parliamentarians in Bundestag should be aware of the decision's significance for future generations", he concludes.

Poor old Genscher. The current FDP doesn't much resemble that of the seventies.

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by eurogreen on Wed Sep 7th, 2011 at 07:28:41 PM EST
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