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I don't think it is good in the long term not to fight wrong policies in your own countries.

What on earth makes you think that the various Eurozone nationals participating in this thread are not fighting wrong policies in our own countries? There is ample evidence to the contrary. Why do you persist in your patently absurd assertions that "everyone" on ET ascribes blame exclusively to German policies and policymakers? Is it your assertion that commenters may only criticize policymakers of their own nationality? How, then, may we comment EU affairs?

On my topic :

The Merkel/Sarkozy line is hugely damaging to Europe, I think we can agree on that. But there is worse : the FDP wrecking-ball approach. Genscher is pleading for a return for an at least ostensibly pro-European approach from the FDP, like in his days; but I'm afraid that party doesn't exist any more.

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by eurogreen on Thu Sep 8th, 2011 at 05:14:05 AM EST
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