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  1. Excuse me for not titling my post The forcible legal realignment of Spain.
  2. It purports to put a Spanish political event in its European context
  3. "I leaned nothing" is a statement about yourself

After all, there's this
The impression that something is afoul here is based in part on the fact that as late as August 18, the conventional wisdom in Spain was that it was difficult to carry out the Constitutional reform that Sarkozy and Merkel demanded by mid-2012, and that the government's position was officially that the existing Law on Budget Stability (introduced by Aznar's PP government in 2001) was sufficient. ...


Only two days after this was published, ZP announced his intention to introduce a constitutional spending ceiling during an extraordinary plenary session of the Parliament convened to discuss the recent financial turbulence. The reform will be carried out with two further extraordinary sessions this coming Tuesday and Friday, as the Parliament would normally be adjourned at this time.

And, sorry, it is not me. I'm quoting and translating news reports from ElPais in which Germany's 2009 debt brake is mentioned as a blueprint and motivation, and Merkel's (with Sarkozy tagging along haplessly) demand for forcible legal realignment of the whole Eurozone by next Summer.

I even volunteered a couple of reasons why the reform is being carried out in a rush and in alleged (by opponents) violation of parliamentary procedure. And the move cannot be universally popular when the PSOE parlamentarians vote for it like they're going to a funeral while PP parlamentarians cheer.

Zapatero is being strongarmed into doing all of this. We don't know how exactly or who's delivering the orders, but there are strong hints.

Economics is politics by other means

by Migeru (migeru at eurotrib dot com) on Thu Sep 8th, 2011 at 05:33:42 AM EST
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