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Then perhaps you and others should say it and not silenty accept the use.

One frequent poster here uses terms like Gleichschaltung and untermenschen. Another one is so obsessed that he can't talk about the real ECB and the real Euro. but talks about the defunct Bundesbank and the abolished Mark. A third did post a picture of Hitler and Petain and compared them to Merkel and Sarkozy.

Patently absurd?

"Is it your assertion that commenters may only criticize policymakers of their own nationality? How, then, may we comment EU affairs?"

No, but only blaming politicians elsewhere, using every op-ed by some german as an expression of german policy, talking about "Frankfurt", arguing like Merkel is some kind of dictator, assuming she is not just one out of 27 head of governments but the only one is nationalistic blame shifting, scape goating and not really the behaviour of federalist europeans.

Re: FDP: They seem indeed to be the most anti-european party in Germany right now and compared to them Genschers op-ed was indeed gradually better.

by IM on Thu Sep 8th, 2011 at 05:46:59 AM EST
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