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"Excuse me for not titling my post The forcible legal realignment of Spain."

What force? We are not talking about law on a euroepan level. What other force?

"It purports to put a Spanish political event in its European context"

Of course. But in your case it is always germany made us do it. Not a very illuminating context. The old excuse of politicians everywhere was Brussels made us do it; no it's Berlin made us do it. Still an excuse.

"I leaned nothing" is a statement about yourself

You really are a bit of an asshole sometimes. And that is a statement about you. Or at least your blog persona.

"Zapatero is being strongarmed into doing all of this. We don't know how exactly or who's delivering the orders, but there are strong hints."

That is the interesting part and I wish you would have written more about that.

by IM on Thu Sep 8th, 2011 at 06:50:21 AM EST
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