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I think one should be cautious about generational generalisations. They often hide as much as they illuminate.

What I think is interesting to ponder, is much of the generational difference discussed in this diary that is a response to changing living conditions. Now, I know Sweden better then the rest of the world, but I do know that Sweden since abandoning full employment has pushed up the age of real adulthood significantly. Age of mother for first child has gone from low 20ies to 29 in just two decades. Age of permanently leaving home is increasing continously. This of course is related to unemployment, and temporary employment forms that in practise leave you vulnerable and less protected by a welfare system that is still built on the premise that everyone has a regular employment.

So, in a situation where society tells you that you will not be able to be a real adult until you push 30, what can one do?

One can

  • Embrace it. An extra decade as youth, be young, have fun and depend on your parents if things go bad.
  • Fight the system. You have time and the politicians hate you, so join a movement that hates the politicians. Optional movements depend on time and place.
  • Overcome the system. Show the bastards and your irresponsible generational brethren by finding a way through. Find a safe career by education, timing and luck or start your own company. Or hey, there are often openings as propaganda shills, contact your local EPP for internships that gives the right connections. If this fails, there is always...
  • Depression. You can always become depressed and while away your time on the internet. Maybe become an angry commenter on a blog?

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by A swedish kind of death on Wed Aug 31st, 2011 at 04:05:45 PM EST

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