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A "Baltic Union" would include Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Germany as well.  I don't see that happening if the EU goes poof.

Sweden's objection to joining the euro are:

A poll published in the newspaper Dagens Industri revealed that 61 percent of those questioned opposed membership of the eurozone, with only 25 percent in favour and 14 percent having no opinion.

The poll, carried out between May 27 and June 1 by the institute Novus Opinion, disclosed a sharp turnarond in public sentiment in the past year.

Results of the latest questionaire showed that the krona is seen as shielding the Swedish economy in a time of global economic crisis.

Thirty-five percent of the respondents believed that the euro would have put Sweden at a disadvantage in the worldwide meltdown that began in late 2008, against 21 percent who said the single currency would have been beneficial.


Given the mess the ECB has made of things, I think they have a point.  

Re: current Euro which is unfortunately choke-full of swarthy, lazy Mediterraneans

The only country in the eurozone is Finland.  The rest took a look and said, "Thanks, no thanks" before the recent crack-up.  And one reason they skipped the chance was the anti-euro campaign from the Left that said the euro was going to run a'cropper for the very reasons it is running a'cropper.  

Scandinavia is NOT the source of the Mediterranean country's problems.  I couldn't find figures for Spain but for Greece debt exposure is:

Denmark €92 million
Finland €21 million
Sweden €57 million

Now compare:

Germany €7,902 million
France €9,362 million

(I assume [Correction Requested!] the figures are similar for Spain, Portugal, and Italy.)

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