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The Chinese are, as I thought they might¹, starting to trade paper for "hard" assets.  Saw, but didn't read, a news report they have started to buy stock of Apple and a couple other high-tech US businesses.  Their recent offer to shore-up the euro can be seen as part of the same process.

The Chinese have an interesting business culture.  They tend to go for the long-term, basing decisions as much on first developing a personal relationship as the "pure" business aspects of the decision.  In "first contact" meetings they will want to discuss your family as a box they have to 'tick.'  This tends to wrong-step people who don't expect it.

¹  Not that it took all that much brain power, it's the obvious next step for them to take.

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by ATinNM on Fri Sep 16th, 2011 at 12:27:10 PM EST
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