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Mountbatten was once asked about this and he was quite open about what happened. He said he was invited to attend a meeting but didn't know what it was about. After 10 minutes he got the picture, stood up, announced that "this is treason" and walked out. He never heard any more and assumed that it has all fizzled out.

It goes to show how clueless they were that, to overthrow the govt, they felt they had to both remove the Queen and replace her with someone from the same line.

Peter Wright had a few things to say about some of the background to it in his book, Spycatcher (if ever a book was misnamed, that was it). They hated Wilson with a passion and had managed to convince themselves, probably with KGB encouragement, that he was a Soviet agent. By and large I think the security services pose far more danger to the country they serve than to any external enemy

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Checking the wikipedia article on the Mountbatten, I found a link to Ken Livingstone describing the history in parliament, including his policy recomendations:

House of Commons Hansard Debates for 10 Jan 1996 (pt 43)

Mr. Livingstone: Madam Deputy Speaker, I am pointing out that treason against Labour Governments has been endemic in MI5 throughout its history, and that it has co-operated with Conservative Members of Parliament against the elected Government of the day. On those grounds, and because I do not believe that Stella Rimington or anybody else has done anything to change the climate of treason in the organisation, I oppose the Bill. I believe that MI5 should be broken up, and any worthwhile bits of it given to the police to operate as usefully as they can within the law.

I agree, not only about MI5 but in general about secret services.

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