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I was opposed to escalating European involvement by offering the partisans tactical air support, for the same reason I was opposed to sending in ground troops or supplying the partisans with weapons:

I am afraid once you bomb country's infrastructure in order to help rebels and that country is put in disarray you need to escalate involvement (and you will even more in future) except if you make a deal with dictator and the old structure of power stays in place (like in Milosevic's case all tho Serbia did not have rebels and deal with him had to be made).To put new structure of power in place will need much more involvement (in any sense).Look at Iraq. With "boots on the ground", puppet governments in place for 8 years and country and people's lives are nowhere near where they were prior to invasion. No security and no better life for people (if they manage to survive).What do they have? Country in ruins with flourishing corruption...But oil is finally flowing...
Where is the freedom? Where is prosperity ? It's not even in USA/EU, (except for some) ha-ha. It is going to take many decades for Iraq to come just where it was (if ever, with grub of oil money).
Just ask yourself how would you feel if your life is reduced to this for no matter how good cause? Not to mention irreparable loss of people, who were members of the families, disabled people by these wars etc.
Not to mention consequences on our own countries like described here:

It's not worth...


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by vbo on Fri Sep 2nd, 2011 at 06:16:28 AM EST
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