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Interestingly enough pacifists also do not seem to have as inflexible principles as some assume. Just saying.

I think that they way we do things and the ends we achieve are connected. Military action tends to create a need for military action, and a response of military action - either directly or indirectly through things like suicide bombings. It promotes a centralized authoritarian state that subsumes the individual to the greater good of the state - very much like the army itself. I actively opposes any sort of authoritarian state - left (or for those who believe it is possible to create an anti-authoritarian state on the right) right. That's just the nature of the beast. In this sense I have no interest in an authoritarian left wing state.

I find myself very reluctant to endorse military action in general and yet I am actively involved in intervention. That includes Israel and the US in particular.

In some ways Qaddafi is a great example - evil monster then reformed good guy then evil monster - whatever is convenient at the time. If it was important to engage in military action against him - it was important to do so a very long time ago.

As bad as it is, it's likely better than the other options.

Wow. Not doing empire. Not selling weapons to 3rd word dictatorships. Supporting international law everywhere instead of where it is convenient. Supporting the right of people to self government Working towards ending the rule of multinationals...

There is a particular problem with overthrowing evil people and liberating the general population. They don't throw rose petals - they throw bombs. The US invasion of the British territories of Canada (1812) provide an excellent example of  this.  The US would have accomplished far far more through advocacy and support of the local population instead of attempting to overthrow the rather cruel regime that the British had set up in the Canadian territories.

We need to learn from the past - military intervention produces rather dicey results and promotes violent responses. As such it should be limited to the most desperate of circumstances.

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