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FIT's rule, at least the way they have been done in Gremany. But the reasons to do certain technologies seem to be changing. Originally, solar PV was a boost to the German chemical  and chemical equipment industry, then the construction/installation industry, and now it's one of the better investments that a lot of German's can do for a reasonable amount of money. Commercial scale wind , even if most of the investment is done with bank loans, still requires a substantial amount of money. And the needed space aound a 2 to 3 MW sized turbine is a lot more than for a 25 kw PV investment.

So PV has evolved to significantly a possibility for many (or at least a lot of) German's of middle class income and savings to put their savings into a safe investment and  avoid the casino stock market or really dumb ideas like American or Irish real estate. And while the return would not interest a varmit Vulture capitalist, i bet it beats what banks are offering. And then there are those Soverign Bond funds.... And while the daytime electricity is useful, for serious average quantities of electricity, biogas, biomass and wind seem to be more oriented to that. But those aren't necessarily small investment sized friendly, at least yet. Geez, mabe there is a market for that, though it may be a lot of work....

Here's my take on this amazing a "makes the world a better place" phenomena.... Way to go, Germany. And thanks, Green Party!



by nb41 on Fri Jan 13th, 2012 at 11:09:44 AM EST

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