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Thing is, I really dont think they would get enough custom to survive, unless their actual income base is as an convenience store/place to get your car washed. Phones, laptops, ect, have all trained us to plug our gizmos into the outlet before we go to bed. That would carry over to just consistently plugging the car in when we get home. - a tiny bit internet connected  electronics in that charger means it is going to wait to actually charge until the city has gone to bed or 3 am or whenever during the night power is cheapest (and power market forcasting on that timescale is pretty good) - but as a question of human behavior I really do not think any significant fraction of the car owning public is going to start any given day with less than a full charge on their car.
So any charging infrastructure is going to be a part of the amenities for travelers (hotel parking lots absolutely need them. And so on) or go nearly completely unused. - The return on investment for building a public charge station on a random city corner is going to be as near zero as makes no diffrence.
by Thomas on Tue Jan 3rd, 2012 at 08:21:45 AM EST
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