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During the vacation travel I watched some TV news (like CNN) in hotels, and the impression of managed brainwashing was overwhelming. Particularly, the GOP race coverage was just a massive pulp of straight-faced but largely meaningless and even biased (say, contra Paul) number crunching. If you like Eurovision voting, this primary season must be a delight.

If you would try to imagine a GOP race that would fail to deliver a viable candidate against the "dismal" Obama, it would be hard to improve the current developments. These primaries remind very much of the 2004 Democratic primaries. Only Perry's meltdown is smoother than Dean's, and Romney is even a more unlikable "electable" option than Kerry. Apparently, it is now the turn of conservative voters to get joked upon by the glorious US electoral process.

Check Intrade.com betting: Obama is actually favourite to retain the office, whatever the economy, Foxnews or Koreas are doing.

I guess that the GOP goal is not to regain the POTUS office, but to set candidate standards higher on the wackiness scale. Remember: Goldwater lost massively to Lyndon Johnson in 1968, but already in 1980 Reagan won with the same voodoo economics and politics principles. So expect a field of Santorums, Bachmanns, Romneys squared by 2024.

by das monde on Tue Jan 10th, 2012 at 12:02:08 AM EST

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