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As I (tried to) explain here, Sarah Palin never seriously considered being a candidate. But looking like one was enormously profitable.

The problem the repugs have is that their internal electorate is insane, or rather it is that for the last 15 years the ptb, eg Fox, Kochs etc, within the GOP have found it convenient for their purposes to create an alternative reality  which only marginally intersects with the fact-based universe. As somebody pointed out, people who watch Fox are more mis-informed about the world than people who don't read newspapers or watch any television at all. And to support this "world view" they have funded an entire generation of politicians who live in this delusional world and vote accordingly.

They have largely gotten by because people like Bush or McCain could play at being normal human beings most of the time, they weren't sufficiently invested in the world to have an opinion about anything and, besides which, managers like Rove could spin the message for them. But the GOP base has become too crazy, the Tea Party became a monster, however much it was fostered and encouraged as a tool of the elites, they were just a mob who ran amok and insist to this day on a list of contradictory impossibilities to make the Queen of Hearts blush with pride.

And they've run out of people who can square the circle, candidates who can tick the conservative boxes while still being able to avoid drooling in public. The people who stand any chance of getting through the Primary have to have an unblemished record of such complete craziness that they are unelectable to the rest of the country.

Romney is failing because he's trying to convince the lunatics he's one of them when they can see he isn't. The more he panders to them, the more they hate him. And there just aren't enough non-lunatics left in the GOP for him to get there without them.

I think he will get there courtesy of a fix from the ptb. That or any of the others who looks good for 5 minutes will implode under questioning.

Obama must be the luckiest guy on the planet cos he really really screwed up bigger than Carter and will still get back in

keep to the Fen Causeway

by Helen (lareinagal at yahoo dot co dot uk) on Tue Jan 3rd, 2012 at 10:29:25 AM EST

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