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Transcript of taped conversation between President Richard Nixon and John D. Ehrlichman (1971) that led to the HMO act of 1973: - Wikisource

President Nixon: "Say that I ... I ... I'd tell him I have doubts about it, but I think that it's, uh, now let me ask you, now you give me your judgment. You know I'm not too keen on any of these damn medical programs."

Ehrlichman: "This, uh, let me, let me tell you how I am ..."

President Nixon: [Unclear.]

Ehrlichman: "This ... this is a ..."

President Nixon: "I don't [unclear] ..."

Ehrlichman: "... private enterprise one."

President Nixon: "Well, that appeals to me."

Ehrlichman: "Edgar Kaiser is running his Permanente deal for profit. And the reason that he can ... the reason he can do it ... I had Edgar Kaiser come in ... talk to me about this and I went into it in some depth. All the incentives are toward less medical care, because ..."

President Nixon: [Unclear.]

Ehrlichman: "... the less care they give them, the more money they make."

President Nixon: "Fine." [Unclear.]

Ehrlichman: [Unclear] "... and the incentives run the right way."

President Nixon: "Not bad."

by generic on Tue Jan 3rd, 2012 at 06:06:20 PM EST
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Adding: I still love Nixon for his achievements in government transparency. Every president should bug his own office to show everyone what a douche he is.
by generic on Tue Jan 3rd, 2012 at 06:27:35 PM EST
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