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The poor can occasionally buy - provided you aren't too poor. In Canada we have recently gone through a time where home ownership has become quite possible for a large number of people who had been priced out of the market for a very long time. Some of these people will potentially be in the problem of unfordable property taxes because of change of neighborhood status when they retire.

Are you advocating rent control as well?

I'm not sure where this comes from, but the answer is - As a retired landlord specializing in lower working class tenants - hell yes. There are again particular problems - including the possibility of pricing rents so low that repairs to buildings become impossible but that must be weighed against throwing people out into the streets, and the importance of avoiding the boom bust building cycle that leads to gluts of rental accommodation and landlords being unable to make repairs as they go bankrupt. A regulated rental market is necessary to provide the highest quality housing to those who are unable to afford to buy and don't have the clout or money to challenge their landlords.

aspiring to genteel poverty

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