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It comes from having lived in the US, where the arguments about the poor are usually excuses for helping the rich. The comment I made usually led to a change of subject (most U.S. libertartians being hopeless when faced with a comment that doesn't fit in their talking points).

SInce you are obviously not one of these, I basically agree with you, except that you would be exempting the poor person from tax increases (which are partly needed to pay increased salaries to city workers etc.) so that  their heirs can cash in. One solution might be to allow people below a certain income level to postpone tax increases until selling, and then pay back taxes at that point.

Incidentally, I know people in NY (with strong rent control on older buildings) who have invested quite a bit in improving their own apartments. But this may be due to the combination of rent control with lack of rent control on newer apartments, so that they know they'll probably live in the apartment for the rest of their lives.

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