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The public TV news first reported the protest as an aside, spun the Hungarian Galric Front performance as if it weren't a satire, and showed an empty street as backdrop for a report. The last bit of spin was a bit too much, so they announced that it was an 'honest mistake': their camera team, which followed Orbán around town, supposedly arrived late at the site of the protest and couldn't find a place close enough to set up shop. Except that doesn't explain why the camera was positioned so that even the back of the main stage wasn't visible, why the reporter didn't point out the circumstance for viewers, and how they managed to find takes of the crowds for the morning news show.

(Top screengrab: public TV news, bottom screengrab: one of the commercial TVs)

In the meantime, the public holding behind the public TV asked a web host to remove a site spoofing the public TV news, and the web host complied... YouTube still has one of their videos.

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