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Another issue related to Fidesz's rise is the interpretation of the events of the Hot Autumn of 2006: the leak of a taped speech of then PM Gyurcsány to his fellow Socialists at a closed-door meeting and the subsequent rioting and police violence.

  • In Fidesz's version (which even LMP supports in large parts), in the tapes Gyurcsány cynically admitted to winning an election with lies, and then had police brutally crack down on peaceful protesters.

  • In Gyurcsány's version (which is also shared by Socialists and liberals disliking Gyurcsány, who make up a minority of public opinion significant less in numbers than community of views), the lies spoken of in the leaked speech were those of the entire political class from 1990 and Gyurcsány was only boldly attempting to finally break with that tradition, and the street violence was a far-right mob confronted by justified police action.

  • In my view, both of the above are gross spin. First, the 2006 elections saw a bizarre competition of totally unrealistic spending promises from all parties, while it was already obvious to anyone reading the news that clouds are gathering and there is a budget crisis brewing. IMHO what Gyurcsány attempted in the leaked speech was an application of the Shock Doctrine: far from an admission of a past betrayal of voters, he wanted to scare his party into supporting a future betrayal of voters by approving a 'reform' package he prepared (or else there is a collapse). As for the riots, the truth was (and I reported this on ET extensively) that both a rioting far-right mob and a police that was first caught with pants down and then tried to take its revenge attacked bystanders, journalists and simultaneous peaceful protesters.

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