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Regarding apathy and disillusion since 2010, perhaps the abysmal approval rates of politicians say more than those of parties (see comment upthread). The 33% for the number one (in this December poll), the figurehead President of the Republic(sic!) would make any US President a loser, and would have been the figure for one of the least popular politicians even in Hungary back in the nineties. Already over the past decade, approval rates above 50% were few and between, then an indication of strong left/right divisions. This 33%, too (and the 31% for Orbán himself) is little more than the 26% Fidesz supporters in the total population, and less than Fidesz and Jobbik supporters combined (that would be 37%).

At 26% resp. 25%, the leaders of both LMP (András Schiffer) and Jobbik (Gábor Vona) have approval rates way above that of their parties in the total population (4% resp. 11%). I would guess that the extra support for part for the former and most for the latter comes from Fidesz supporters (hence the fear I voiced upthread that Jobbik still has potential to win votes from Fidesz in the future).

The last three on the list are also interesting:

  • Ferenc Gyurcsány (the former Socialist PM) 17% (this was the first poll in a long time he wasn1t last)
  • György Matolcsy ('national economy minister') 16%
  • Rózsa Hoffmann (the Christian Democrat and Catholic zealot education state secretary mentioned in the diary) 14%

IMHO the numbers for the before-last and last (both of whom lost a statistically significant 3 percentage points since November) indicate what policies even the remaining Fidesz faithful were displeased with by last month.

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