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I have no clue.
  • Maybe Fidesz will manage to prevent a(nother) economic meltdown (is that realistic?) and then continue with a Putin-style managed democracy (within or without the EU).
  • Maybe Fidesz will turn to even more nationalism upon economic meltdown and establish a darker semi-dictatorship, exit the EU, and maybe get into armed conflicts with Slovakia and Romania.
  • Maybe the disenchanted will flock to Jobbik and Jobbik will use the powers Fidesz made for itself to establish a fascist dictatorship, which will definitely come in armed conflict with neighbouring countries. (Most opposition people in Hungary I tell this reject that it is a realistic possibility, assuming that Jobbik can't get much above its present 20% figures; but based on the impressions I gained in discussions with Fidesz supporters, I wasn't convinced.)
  • Maybe left-of-Fidesz forces manage to win the next elections, but will lose power soon in snap elections just as Fidesz planned, then back to square one.
  • Maybe the liberal intelligentsia will manage to prop up Gyurcsány or another neoliberal as saviour at least atracting urbanite voters and re-establish the old Republic, repeating Poland's recent history but with greater upheavals.
  • Maybe a real leftist alternative can grow on the union/NGO protest movement, but they will be too naive and the IMF et al will again play them for a fool. After they fall, again back to square one.
  • Maybe a real leftist alternative can not only dispose of Fideszistan but face off the IMF et al.

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One whose delusions are out of fashion.
by DoDo on Tue Jan 3rd, 2012 at 12:58:10 PM EST
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