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The numbers of AG Energiebilanzen e.V. are also interesting. In their preliminary report on primary energy use in 2011, they say hard coal use fell 0.7%, which masks a 2% drop of coal consuption of power plants and a 4% rise of use in the steel industry. 'Brown coal' (in German terminology, low-grade bituminous or high-grade sub-bituminous coal) however rose 4%, and this is mostly power plant related. Gas use fell 10%, but most of that is explained with lower use for heating due to mild weather. As for renewables, an overall 4.1% growth masks a 9% drop for hydro and 8% drop for biofuels on one hand and 22% rise for wind, 67% rise for PV and 21% rise for biogas on the other hand. Net export fell to 5 TWh, but still positive. As for oil, use fell by 3%, to the lowest level since 1990 according to the report, but considering the mild weather, maybe the percentage drop is less spectacular. Overall CO2 emissions fell 3%. Cleaned of the weather effect, they say energy use would have dropped 1% and CO2 emissions would have risen 1%.

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