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That is far too charitable reading of german energy policy. From a strict point of view any phaseout of nuclear in a not 100% low carbon grid is bad, because phasing out coal instead is always an option. However, even taking a less hardline viewpoint, every bit of renewable energy added to the german grid lately was in the pipeline before the nuclear shutdown was decided on, so you cannot credit it against the loss of capacity. Merkel put the shutdown schedule into law with no replacement clean capacity added not already in the works, so it is in fact a perfect example of nuclear phaseout helping to fry the planet - every megawatthour lost from reactors is replaced by less electricity exports (consequences depends on what the former importer replaces that power with) or dirty power.  

Italy: Direct substition of dirty power upon the abandonment of their nuclear programme.

Barsebeck: Replaced by fossile fuels in the short run, swedes cleaned up the shortfall via.. uprating the remaining reactors.

by Thomas on Thu Jan 5th, 2012 at 07:47:42 AM EST
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