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That much of the windpower potential generation in Inner Mongolia can't yet be shipped South is true. In fact, Nation-wide, nearly 40% of installed wind capacity wasn't even grid-connected at the beginning of last year. I'm told it's just a bit better now.

But the energy plan acknowledges this, and has strong grid build planned or already underway.

The critical analysis is that while china's wind industry is huge, it is also young. Turbine performance has a real stretch before it reaches European standards. China may have "unlimited" technical and O&M support workers, but few of them have any long term experience.

Still, the infrastructure problem is already being solved, and because it's China, can be solved far quicker than anywhere else.

The prime argument on why Europe is not "losing" to China is simply the technology can't yet cut it, or if it can, there's no evidence, as there's virtually no reliable data.

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by Crazy Horse on Mon Jan 9th, 2012 at 03:02:14 AM EST
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