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There's a good economic argument to be made, I think, that industry has inevitably become excessive energy consumers, because the price they directly see for energy has effectively been subsidised, both by government tax breaks and payments to fossil fuel industries, and by the externalities of fossil fuels.

There is also that since they are big tech-centered bureacracies you get the combination of middle managers striving to increase their budget and striving to get the coolest machinery (and big is often manly). Both has meant that energy effiency has suffered in favor of energy wasting machines.

Friend of mine did a study for a big industrial company and found a number of energy savings opportunities. The most glaring one was that if they switched off (preferably automatically) the lights in huge areas were no one went except for maintenance (machines controlled form the controll room) they could save a couple of percentages of their electricity bill (which if implemented alone more then paid for the cost of doing the study).

I can't say how much can be saved. Should be studies out there though. Will have a look and post if I find one.

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by A swedish kind of death on Wed Oct 17th, 2012 at 04:26:40 AM EST
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