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Idea for a rail blog: Obviously there are lots of advantages of trains. No need to list.

But there are problems, also, right?

  • Crowded conditions during rush hour, where you have to deal with close contact with other smelly, ugly, and noisy human beings.
  • Lack of control of schedule. You live somewhere and gradually adjust your living arrangements to optimize transportation--move apartments, change jobs, find the best grocery store, etc.--but if you want to go to another grocery store, or the dentist, or the concert that's a km off your optimal trolley line, it quickly turns into a hassle.
  • Pricing variability. Fuel prices are high and irritating. But train ticket prices can jump up due to political or economic reasons, disrupting your commuting budget for no apparent reason.
  • Line availability. New lines are being built, but not until 2028 or whatever. Other lines are being shut down, and you can't prevent it.
  • Etc.

Not advocating cars (right now at least!)...but...
by asdf on Tue Oct 16th, 2012 at 04:43:11 PM EST

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