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I went along myself, but didn't hang around beyond the initial speeches which, as you say, were quite badly delivered and lacking in content. The turnout was pretty good, with fantastic weather for late October... I also walked past the Jobbik rally, which seemed to have a higher proportion of young people than both the government and the Milla demonstrations. Though there were quite a few people at all of these, I suspect the vast majority of the city was intent on lapping up the last of the autumn sun, at the end of the four-day weekend.

Bajnai's vision appears very minimalistic, as one would expect. You're absolutely right - much of the detail lurks around the edges. Yet what strikes me is that very little of the Bajnai-Gyurcsány axis is based on an indigenous growth strategy, the idea that somehow Hungary's resources, human and material, can be somehow utilised in some new or clever way. Whilst we haven't seen his full programme, so far it seems very conventional MOR neoliberal stuff. This in itself seems very risky, given the unstable nature of various externalities. I wonder where the domestic and cultural elements are, in this form of politics?

by car05 on Tue Oct 23rd, 2012 at 05:24:46 PM EST
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