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No, you are perfectly right in this but I applaud your daughter and others who had guts to enforce the rules with their children, because it is hard. In my time as a parent we were at least able to enforce rules up to the age of 15-17, but today children are either spoiled or simply more powerful (for some unknown reason) and that makes things much harder. As I am bickering about generation of my children ( now in their 30s)that I observe largely ,  being spoiled , having unrealistic expectations , being irresponsible etc. I just wonder what's going to happen with generation of my grandchild that I observe largely now...I call them little tyrants and do not know why this is happening to today's parents. Now there are exceptions but generally parents are not able to enforce rules that much. I can see how it works with my granddaughter that only recently accepted rules like brushing her teeth before bad and bad time on school days only...without making an argument every single day, ha-ha.  I see other parents are complaining about argument thing and I suppose they just give up at some point. It's a bloody battle that goes every single day for years so I feel for parents greatly.    
And with computer it was probably convenient at some point to have children on a computer instead of entertaining them all the time. When I was a kid we were playing outside with friends and neighbors every day, every minute possible except for homework time and dinner time. Today children need to have a play date to see their school and other friends and this mean that parents need to sacrifice their time ( so it is not possible during working days and on weekends is rear cause parents need to make some family time too and lot of house work needs to be done). And today children need to be entertained at all times or they are bored so computer seemed as good solution...until it become addiction.
That's my observation about children...With adults and computer addiction things are more serious :)
by vbo on Wed Nov 14th, 2012 at 05:47:39 PM EST
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