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The private sector never built a modern rail infrastructure either, and it never will.

Not without massive subsidies and subsequent banruptcies, most likely. But the US transcontinental railroads WERE built by the private sector WITH such subsidies and subsequent bankruptcies. Amazingly, those who built the railroads got away with keeping the alternating square mile checkerboard of land grants through the process. Ah! the glory of spin-offs, even in the 19th century. It was the existence of that real estate that made George's single tax anathema to the Robber Barrons.  

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Actually, George's direct attacks on these land grants (much more extensive in the West) and his proposal that it would be better for the state to directly fund railway construction might already have been enough to make him anathema to them.
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I think a compelling case can be made that the transcontinental railroad is neither modern nor built by the private sector.

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