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Most of the Diary isn't even about my personal views, but an attempt to analyse the medical facts currently in public evidence (which may or may not be ultimately confirmed by the inquiry). The reason I wrote the diary was because most of the commentary I have read doesn't even go into the medical details - but make large assumptions as to what must have occurred. The presumption, on the "right to life" side seems to be that the lack of availability of abortion is never a risk factor for the mother. Equally, however, the Daily Kos presumption seems to be that of course it was the lack of an abortion with killed her, duh!

I don't think we do her memory any favours by presuming facts not currently in evidence. The husband obviously feels she was very wronged, and the least he can expect is an impartial, independent review of what went wrong. Long term, I don't think the abortion on demand viewpoint does itself any favours if it turns out that the lack of an abortion was not the main contributory factor to her death.

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