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we in the west must have forgotten about because we weren't born when out grandmothers were giving birth without access to antibiotics

giving birth != miscarriage

In fact why our "grandmothers" (Early Modern ancestresses) died of infection in or after childbirth (and they did, massively) was because the physicians of the time infected them with dirty hands -- until antiseptic precautions became understood and standard. Poor women who could afford neither physicians nor midwives were better off because they did not undergo the intervention of professionals who came hotfoot, bearing pathogens, from other births.

Frank's diary suggested an iatrogenic e.coli infection, which prompted my comments above. However, if this were not the case, a miscarriage is sufficiently dangerous of itself, and this was a long, fraught miscarriage that did not conclude (except in the death of the patient).

Refusing to consider an abortion and leaving this woman to suffer with either insufficient monitoring or a deliberate decision (or both) not to place her life before that of a condemned foetus's heartbeat (when did they diagnose septicemia and realize they would save neither the mother nor the foetus?) was an evident dereliction of medical duty.

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