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Jesus wept ... oh, it's bad plumbing. Indian rationalist targets 'miracles' | World news | The Guardian

When water started trickling down a statue of Jesus Christ at a Catholic church in Mumbai earlier this year, locals were quick to declare a miracle. Some began collecting the holy water and the Church of Our Lady of Velankanni began to promote it as a site of pilgrimage.

So when Sanal Edamaruku arrived and established that this was not holy water so much as holey plumbing, the backlash was severe. The renowned rationalist was accused of blasphemy, charged with offences that carry a three-year prison sentence and eventually, after receiving death threats, had to seek exile in Finland.

Now he is calling for European governments to press Delhi into dropping the case. And on the first leg of a tour around EU capitals on Friday, he warned that India was sacrificing freedom of expression for outdated, colonial-era rules about blasphemy.

It is a seldom told part of Indian history that some key elements of modern religion were institutionalised by the colonial rulers (including the India-wide four-division caste system).

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by DoDo on Fri Nov 23rd, 2012 at 03:34:45 PM EST
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