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Lawsuit against Madonna dismissed in Russia - The Journal

A RUSSIAN COURT today dismissed a lawsuit that sought millions of dollars in damages from Madonna for allegedly traumatising minors by speaking up for gay rights during a concert in St. Petersburg.

The ruling came after a one-day hearing that bordered on the farcical. During it, plaintiffs claimed that Madonna's so-called "propaganda of perversion" would negatively affect Russia's birthrate and erode the nation's defense capability by depriving the country of future soldiers. At one point, the judge threatened to expel journalists from the courtroom if they laughed too much.

Would traumatize minors?
Would negatively affect Russia's birthrate??
Would erode the nation's defense capability by depriving the country of future soldiers???
Surely they jest.

by sgr2 on Fri Nov 23rd, 2012 at 05:08:22 PM EST
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This would loose so much in translation (if done by me) but it is about the dubious benefits of being born to kill.

Stig Dagerman: Dagsedel 530303

Inte gråta är du rar
över brist på mor och far.
Sånt går bort med åren.
Tänk på Sveriges lantförsvar.
Tänk på Lottakåren.

Trumman dundrar i en dal.
Ännu är du ganska smal.
Botas med potatis.
Blir du stor blir du korpral
och blir skjuten gratis.

Ute faller bomb och snö.
Sov min gosse och adjö.
Tids nog får du blöda.
Alla födas för att dö.
Många för att döda.

(3 mars 1953

The suthors comment is translatable and shows how little changes in sixty years.

Stig Dagerman: Dagsedel 530303 Stig Dagerman: Dagsedel 530303
Inspirerad av professor Ask-Upmarks inlägg i abortfrågan, i vilket den vise mannen lät oss veta hur många regementen landet förlorat på grund av aborter.Inspired by Professor Ash-Upmarks remarks in the abortion debate, in which the wise man let us know how many regiments the country has lost because of abortions.

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by A swedish kind of death on Sat Nov 24th, 2012 at 05:24:21 AM EST
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