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Germany floats 'plan B' - a budget deal without Britain | EurActiv

EU sources have fleshed out reports circulating last week about a plan to sideline the United Kingdom from ongoing budget talks, as Cameron threatened to veto a deal on the EU budget.

...If confirmed today, the 'plan B' would work in two steps.

  • First, EU leaders, recognising the impossibility of finding an agreement at 27, would issue a statement at today's meeting saying budget talks will resume in January 2013, at another summit.
  • In the meantime, they would reach a political agreement on the bloc's long-term finances - without the UK - and confirm it at the January summit.

Although not an official decision, the political agreement would allow the EU to continue funding itself "as if the MFF had been agreed," the source said, referring to the bloc's long-term budget, the Multi-annual Financial Framework.

The idea, which emanated from Berlin, was approved by Paris although the French had reservations, according to the same source. Crucially, Sweden and the Netherlands, which were initially reluctant, would now be willing to come on board.

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