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I do not see "rebellion" ( and we are talking serious stuff here like when they ruin their lives going in to the crime, drugs. alcohol etc.) as a matter of economics. It doesn't matter that parent is poor...but it does matter if parent is changing multiple partners after divorce which is usually case...or even if the parent remarry and they have to deal with stepparent specially in adolescence,  or if the parent is depressed which is usually case, or if they lose one parent from their lives which is usually case after some time...Those are complications that will leave deep scars and lower or ruin their self-esteem. Not that self esteem can't be ruined in a bad marriage but or that one parent ( or both) even being divorced can't build child's self esteem but I am talking about majority of the cases.
by vbo on Mon Nov 5th, 2012 at 07:30:53 PM EST
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